; is just the right amount to flaw an object

We appreciate products that endure, things one would fix and 
maintain rather than throw away and replace. 
We keep this in our minds when we design our bags.

 these items are available @Published


produced by one of Italy’s prime tanneries
Tuscany, Italy의 가죽공방에서 40일의 식물성 공정과정 
The tanning process is environmentally friendly. It uses only natural tannins, extracted from the trunks, leaves fruits and roots of plants and trees such as Chestnut and Mimosa.

80년 정통의Japan직조공장에서 생산된 최고 canvas Egyptian cotton
This type of cotton has extra long fibers that can be spun into yarns that are finer and yet stronger than other cotton yarns. The finer yarn results in higher thread counts, which makes a canvas that is extremely strong and durable. Egyptian cotton also absorbs dyes better than other types of cotton; therefore its colors are vibrant and stable.

ergonomics / 인체공학 functionality / 기능성
style / 스타일

Laptop & iPad cases are ALSO available @PUBLISHED

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